In Utah, what is needed to qualify for a Stalking Injunction?

What is needed to qualify for a Stalking Injunction?

If you are scared for your safety because you reasonably believe someone might try to harm you or others close to you, you may have questions whether to apply for a Civil Stalking Injunction or a Protective Order. In Utah, a Civil Stalking Injunction is court-ordered protection against people who aren’t related to you and…

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Will Utah Law Allow me to Pursue a Request to Modify a Custody Order?

Sometimes, after parties receive a final Decree of divorce (or parentage), one or perhaps both parties later wish to amend the Decree based on a change in circumstances with the parties or their children. At Daniel W. McKay & Associates, we assist our clients with this type of proceeding regularly.   A party may receive…

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Who Has Authority to Sign Documents on Behalf of a Utah LLC?

In the state of Utah, typically the only person or entity who has authority to sign agreements or other documents on behalf of an LLC is the LLC’s manager(s). Utah law indicates that “[i]n a manager-managed limited liability company . . . , any matter relating to the activities and affairs of the limited liability…

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