Family Law

If I’m Retired, Am I More Likely to Receive Alimony?

by / 2nd Sep, 2020

Can a Parent Lose their Parental Rights Based on a Procedural Deficiency in their Response to a Petition for Adoption?

by / 31st Jul, 2020

How Much Parent-Time Will I Be Awarded If My Ex-Spouse Receives “Sole Custody?”

by / 1st May, 2019

What Does it Mean to Be “In Contempt of Court?”

by / 15th Apr, 2019

Do Grandparents Have a Right to See Their Grandchildren?

by / 25th Feb, 2019

“Income Imputing” Part 2: In a Utah Divorce, when is a Party’s Unemployment (or Underemployment) considered Voluntary?

by / 11th Feb, 2019
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